Skandinavisk Duftlys u/ lokk, Mini sett – HYGGE, KOTO, RO


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Skandinavisk Duftlys u/ lokk, Mini sett – HYGGE, KOTO, RO. Dette er et mini sett med duftlys fra Skandinavisk. «The fragrance will scent a mid-sized room for up to 16 hours, and the painted glass votive glows colorfully when lit. Wash and re-use the glass votives for tealights.»

«HYGGE, Danish for ‘cosiness’. Hygge is Danish DNA, a reflection of the Scandinavian art of creating intimacy, fellowship and cosiness in the smallest everyday moments. With echoes of tea and baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint.»

«KOTO, Finnish for ‘home’. A refuge from the rugged Nordic climate, an intimate space to refresh the soul. KOTO blends delicate notes of Baltic amber and schersmin with exotic mandarin and vanilla.»

«RO, Scandinavian for ‘tranquility’. Peace, calm and tranquility from the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. A subtle symphony of fresh grass and crumpled leaves, ambered woods and hidden blankets in the dunes.»

1 lys ca. 12 timer

3 x 55 g.

Diameter: 4,6 cm.
Høyde: 6,2 cm.

– Malt glass
– Veke i bomull
– Beholder i frostet glass


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